FieldForce fills need for skilled workers during pharmaceutical plant emergency

When an emergency boiler replacement caused a need for immediate welding and pipe fitting support, a North Carolina pharmaceutical plant called FieldForce Solutions.


Since the plant personnel who were qualified for this type of work were assigned to other jobs, this project required the mobilization of qualified pipe-welders and pipefitters in less than a day and a half. FieldForce’s emergency response prevented additional plant downtime and its craft personnel provided the quality of work that was needed.


FieldForce completed the 10-day project half a day ahead of schedule, mitigating further plant delays and providing invaluable fitting and welding services. FieldForce personnel avoided quality issues associated with fit-ups or weld leaks after the boiler installation. No safety incidents or accidents occurred during this project. The facility’s Process Mechanical Field Superintendent was impressed with FieldForce personnel’s quality of work, positive attitude, promptness and focus on safety, commenting that he would like to partner with the labor provider on future projects.

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