Crane Operator

Operations / Labor
Mingo Junction, Ohio US
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Job Description: 


  1. Mingo Junction, Ohio 


  1. This position is responsible for: inspecting the condition of the work site prior to setting up the crane.
    • After setting up the machine, manipulates it to hoist position and/or transport material such as machinery, equipment and other construction products. Must be aware of how much material can be lifted safely based upon weather conditions and the capacity of the crane. Additionally, inspects and maintains the crane against any defect or malfunctions.


  1. Arrive at branch or jobsite on time, in uniform, properly groomed, mentally alert and physically able to work.
  2. Strictly adhere to MPW Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.
  3. Demonstrate initiative in execution of assigned tasks.
  4. Performs other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor.

Required Skills: 


  1. Ability to carry/lift up to 75 lbs.
  2. Ability to maintain alertness and acuity that is not typically impaired by any medication, diet, or physical condition.
  3. Ability to bend, stoop, squat, sit.

Required Experience: 

Will be running an Over-head (In-cab) Crane



  1. High School Diploma
  2. Valid Driver’s License, and be within current limits for MPW Driver Points.
  3. Specific exposure to an equipment or maintenance environment.
  4. NCCCO or NCCO Certification
  5. Current DOT Physical

Job ID: 1602

Location: Mingo Junction, Ohio US

Job Type: Operations / Labor

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