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FieldForce provides NCCER training to increase safety awareness, efficiency

Problem An international provider of specialist engineering services located in South Carolina needed to step up the training of its millwrights. A training and assessment program using National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) guidelines was the obvious answer. ...
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FieldForce quickly responds to contractor’s need for skilled workers at remote Oregon job site

Problem: A construction contractor was tasked with building a new facility for a lumber company in Oregon. The facility would be dedicated to the process of torrefaction, which is a thermal process that converts biomass into a coal-like material, which ...
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FieldForce Overview
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FieldForce completes equipment installation at container manufacturing plant

Problem: A California manufacturer of bulk containers was scheduled to install upgraded equipment throughout its facilities. The new equipment, which included turntables, product elevators and several hundred feet of conveyors, would significantly boost production to meet increased customer demand. The ...
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NCCER grants Fieldforce assessment center candidate status

ANDREWS, S.C. — FieldForce Workforce Solutions was granted candidate status by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) on April 29. As an assessment center candidate, FieldForce has the ability to certify coordinators and/or proctors, deliver assessments and ...
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FieldForce swiftly provides millwrights during three outages

During the first week of August, FieldForce provided millwrights to three facilities in different states. In each circumstance, FieldForce workers arrived at the jobsite within 36 hours. The locations were a steel plant in Jewett, Texas; an ethanol plant in Chancellor, S.D.; ...
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FieldForce helps construction firm staff project at entertainment complex

Problem: A construction company working at a conglomerate of Florida theme parks lacked the necessary number of ironworkers to meet or maintain the schedule for the construction of a unique transportation system. Solution: FieldForce provided 20 skilled workers who were ...
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FieldForce aids in swift steel-mill commissioning

Problem: A group of investors purchased a South Carolina steel mill and wanted to bring it back into commission after being shut down for four years. Solution: FieldForce provided skilled workers including: precision millwrights, certified combo pipe welders, pipe fitters ...
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FieldForce fills construction company’s management and craft worker voids

Problem A contractor faced insufficient internal personnel and management to commence construction of a multimillion-dollar aviation training facility in the Southeastern United States. Solution FieldForce quickly filled all the staffing voids, starting with the initial scope of underground plumbing, providing ...
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MPW, FieldForce a bonded pair

MPW has spent the last 46 years building relationships in industrial America. So, it came as no surprise when, in May of 2017, the company introduced a new brand called FieldForce Workforce Solutions. Headquartered in the same building as MPW’s ...
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FieldForce hustling into spring outage season

Thanks to the busy outage seasons of our friends in the steel and paper industries, FieldForce is proud to report the following recent successes: A South Carolina contractor awarded a steel mill outage job to FF at a Nucor plant ...
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FieldForce set to provide skilled workers

FieldForce Solutions recently accepted contracts to provide skilled labor to two significant manufacturing companies. Field Force will demonstrate its industry diversification and travel capabilities by supplying several ironworkers and welders to an aerospace and manufacturing company in Seattle this spring. ...
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FieldForce receives NCCER training certification

ANDREWS, S.C. — FieldForce Workforce Solutions was granted candidate status by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) on January 23.   As a training sponsor candidate, FieldForce may immediately train and certify its own instructors, as well ...
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FieldForce fitters help contractor avoid delays at North Carolina pharmaceutical plant

Problem When a mechanical-contracting company faced an expedited timeline to retrofit a North Carolina pharmaceutical plant, it realized it did not have enough pipe fitters to accomplish the project. Tasked with completing the job without affecting the plant’s existing operations, ...
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FieldForce resolves Southeastern quarry quandary

Problem When a contractor working at a South Carolina rock quarry faced a rebuild for a dragline machine, it realized it lacked the skilled labor necessary to perform welding and fabrication to complete the project. With little time to spare, ...
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FieldForce fills need for skilled workers during pharmaceutical plant emergency

Problem When an emergency boiler replacement caused a need for immediate welding and pipe fitting support, a North Carolina pharmaceutical plant called FieldForce Solutions.   Solution Since the plant personnel who were qualified for this type of work were assigned ...
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