FieldForce fitters help contractor avoid delays at North Carolina pharmaceutical plant

When a mechanical-contracting company faced an expedited timeline to retrofit a North Carolina pharmaceutical plant, it realized it did not have enough pipe fitters to accomplish the project. Tasked with completing the job without affecting the plant’s existing operations, the contractor immediately contacted FieldForce Solutions.

FieldForce quickly staffed the necessary quality craftsmen, and all levels of supervision, including foremen and a superintendent. This allowed the contractor to meet its testing deadlines ahead of plan, despite being behind schedule before FieldForce was contacted. The quality of work provided by FieldForce personnel was reflected in a craftsman being promoted to foreman in less than three weeks of work at the site.

FieldForce helped the contractor finish the project on time, avoiding plant delays with efficient and effective work. Additionally, FieldForce personnel avoided all safety incidents during this project. The contractor was able to release its piping superintendent to another job while retaining the FieldForce superintendent to manage the piping on the second phase of their project, illustrating that the personnel solutions provider had established a mutually beneficial relationship with the contractor. FieldForce and the contractor look forward to working together on future projects.

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