FieldForce helps construction firm staff project at entertainment complex

A construction company working at a conglomerate of Florida theme parks lacked the necessary number of ironworkers to meet or maintain the schedule for the construction of a unique transportation system.

FieldForce provided 20 skilled workers who were experienced in steel-erection techniques, allowing the contractor to meet all deadlines. The project included the construction of a tram system designed to transport up to 5,000 guests per hour in each direction across the five-square-mile park.

With the help of FieldForce, the contractor completed the project with 50 skilled workers, 20 fewer than originally estimated. This produced cost savings of approximately $800,000 for the customer during the three-month project. FieldForce’s experienced personnel also provided a positive impact on the safety and quality initiatives of the contractor and the park. FieldForce has established a relationship based on trust with the contractor’s management team and looks forward to working with them in the future.

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